Комплект баночек для лица cupping - Skin Gym Инструменты для ухода за кожей

2 114 ₽
  • Произведено: Китай
  • Производитель: Skin Gym
  • Модель: Инструменты для ухода за кожей
  • Артикул: 855331008276



Tradition meets innovation as Skin Gym's Face & Body Cupping Set unveils your most youthful radiant skin. Relax as these tools glide effortlessly across your skin and let you glow from within - radiating inside and out with this ancient beauty technique. Cupping therapy enhances your natural beauty and embraces every curve and contour to put your most beautiful face forward.. Includes 2 facials cups and 2 micro-facial cups. Подходит для всех типов кожи. Perfect for at-home facial massages. 4 штук в комплекте. Suction the cup to the face and use sweeping gliding massage strokes in desired areas. Use your free hand to anchor the skin behind the cup for a smoother glide and to prevent pulling on the skin.

Обновлено: 22.09.2020

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