Инструмент для удаления угрей porie pro - Skin Gym Инструменты для ухода за кожей

5 964 ₽
  • Произведено: Китай
  • Производитель: Skin Gym
  • Модель: Инструменты для ухода за кожей
  • Артикул: 855331008504



Bye bye blackheads. Get glowing skin with the Skin Gym Porie Pro designed to help deep clean your pores and reveal your most refreshed radiant complexion. It features 4 interchangeable attachments to clean different areas of the face attack blackheads and unveil the stunning skin underneath.. Includes 4 different attachments. Подходит для всех типов кожи. Goes below the surface to deep clean pores. Helps remove blackheads. Cleanse face with warm water to open pores then choose a suction attachment and insert filter. Press power button to turn on the device and gently move the device slowly along the skin working your way through the entire face. Press +/- to change the suction levels.

Обновлено: 22.09.2020

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