Масло rooted - NOTO Botanics Масло для волос

1 963 ₽
  • Произведено: США
  • Производитель: NOTO Botanics
  • Модель: Масло для волос
  • Артикул: ROOTEDOILR



Rooted Oil was the debut product in the NOTO Botanics line. This moisture-rich scented roller oil boasts undertones of smoke wood earth bergamot and cardamom which come together to create a sexy scent ideal for skin and hair. Made with Palo Santo Oil Somalian Frankincense Haitian Vetiver Madagascar Black Pepper Cedarwood and Labdanum Absolute to remove toxins heal and soothe while providing an uplifting calming experience.. Natural travel-friendly and unisex. Multi-use for body + hair. Растительного происхождения не испытывалось на животных. 10.4 ml. Add as desired to areas such as ends or roots of hair under arms wrists temples etc.. Great as a nourishing hair treatment beard oil body oil or as your favorite body scent.

Обновлено: 22.09.2020

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